Cyprus reunification to help Turkish side join EU completely: Rehn

European Commissioner for Enlargement Olli Rehn said there was an opportunity window for a comprehensive solution in Cyprus.

Cyprus reunification to help Turkish side join EU completely: Rehn
European Commissioner for Enlargement Olli Rehn said Saturday there was an opportunity window for a comprehensive solution in Cyprus.

Speaking to the Bayrak Television Station in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC), Rehn said that the two Cypriot leaders had a strong political will to find a solution to the Cyprus problem.

The sooner they reached a solution in Cyprus, the better it would be, Rehn stressed.

The two leaders were determined to reach an agreement that would be accepted by the two sides, Rehn noted.

The reunification of the sides in Cyprus would help the Turkish Cypriots join the EU completely, Rehn said.

Touching on the upcoming general elections in the TRNC on April 19, Rehn said that he hoped those supporting a solution and EU won the elections. This was vital to reach a comprehensive solution in Cyprus, Rehn also said.

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Eric Cost
Eric Cost - 10 yıl Before

Yes, Turkish Cypriots say they want their full EU rights but there are also obligations. They have to first chose to be full Cypriot citizens instead of Provincial Citizens of Mainland Turkey which is what they have become in Northern Cyprus. In the EU, harmonization with the Acquis Communautaire is esential and it seems doubtfull if the Turks will ever understand this and that Annan Plan type solutions are unacceptable and can never conform. They have to come to terms that in a democracy it's the majority who rule and that the Cyprus' problem stems from the fact that the Turkish minority could not accept this and were led to believe by Britain and Turkey that as the minority they could still rule via the Veto they were given which goes against all democratic principles. The EU is about give and take not take and take only as the Turks would like.

Taskin - 10 yıl Before

To Eric Cost,

So, the solution to the problem which was caused by the Greek Cypriots kicking the Turkish Cypriots out of the 'joint' Government, ransacking their villages, forcing them into isolated enclaves and attempting to 'eliminate' the entire Turkish Cypriot population before Turkey had a chance to intervene (read the Akritas Plan, widely available on the internet) is basically to give the Greek Cypriots another chance to do the same, but this time without any Turkish defence.

Unfortunately the actions of Greece and the Greek Cypriots between 1963 - 1974 has eliminated any rights to a one state democracy based on trust between the 2 peoples. That will take years or generations to become a real possibility.

What the Turkish Cypriots now need is a guarantee that the massacres and economic siege implemented by the Greek Cypriots can never happen again.

You may remember the Annan Plan, in which important concessions were made by Turkey and the TRNC. It was accepted by the majority of the Turkish Cypriots, but rejected outright by the Greek Cypriots. Why would that be?

The day that the Greek Cypriot people are able to accept the equal rights of the Turkish Cypriot population to live in Cyprus a deal will no doubt be done. Until then, we're perfectly happy as we are.

Eric Cost
Eric Cost - 10 yıl Before

Thanks for the history lesson but you fail to mention that in 1958 Turkey formed a Terrorist organisation being the TMT to operate in Cyprus. It's aims and modus operandi are well documented and quite revealing.
The other fact you do not highlight is that the first incident involving loss of life was on the 12th June, 1958 when 8 Greek Cypriot villagers were murdered by the TMT terrorists. You mention the Akritas plan as if it was a blueprint for the Genocide of the Turkish Cypriots but anyone who takes your advice to research this document on the internet will find that it contains no such plans. On the contrary it contains quite the opposite of what you claim and I quote the following excerpts:-

"Our acts will be our most truthful defenders."

" Our actions for constitutional amendments will be in the open and we will always appear ready for peaceful negotiations. Our actions will not be of a provocative or violent nature."

Your attempts Dear Taskim to distort will not succeed. I end with a final revealing quotation by non other than the great Kemal Ataturk who in 1939 in the context of the the annexation of territory to the Turkish Rpublic said.... "The turn of Cyprus is yet to come."