D-8 cannot be obstacled

Our Deputy Editor- in- chief M.Hasan Uncular interviewed with Secretary General of D-8 Dr. Dipo Alam on the 10th anniversary of D-8 after the meeting in Ciragan Palace in the Bosphorus Tour.

D-8 cannot be obstacled
M.H.U: Dear Secretary General first of all we want to thank you for this interview. What kind of things are you planning to do for an active cooperation among the D-8 countries?

D.A: All the commitments have been agreed in the summit among the Foreign Ministers of the council and also we check line by line the items, a lot of activities are planned, we check all the parts of the commitment, systemmatically the programme should work. My target is to complete our preference of the agreement on the origin. We prepare also our road map for ten years. Ten years we have the ambition that our trade among the D-8 countries will increase up to 100-150 billion dollars. So that’s why now we have the visa agreement and custom agreement. We would like to increase the trade rates.

M.H.U: You believe that you are going to reach your targets in the following terms? Because the western countries are trying to obstacle you.

D.A: Yes, I think if we cooperate well and we have a good political way with our leaders nobody can disturb us. Because we have the capacity of our natural resources and the economic performance.

M.H.U: How are you planning to keep in touch with the D-8 media especially in Turkey. It was one of the issues Mr. Erbakan especially focused on today. For example we are broadcasting in four languages via internet and that will be 10-11 languages soon.

D.A: First we will make our own website. We have also active sending information about our activities to 200 newspapers in the world especially the D-8 countries.
We are now looking for the public relations as well. We have to be patient first, establish our own website and then at the end of this I think about the third quarter of this year we will go more active on public relations and thank you for reminding this issue.

M.H.U: Thank you so much for this interview.

D.A: Thank you, too.
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