D-8 Summit 10th Anniversary Celebrated

D-8 countries for the celebration of the 10th Anniversary of the organization came together on Saturday in Turkey, Istanbul.

D-8 Summit 10th Anniversary Celebrated


By M. Hasan UNCULAR, Worldbulletin 

In the summit of the 8 Muslim countries with a population of more than 60 million, Secretary General of the D-8 organization for Economic Cooperation Dr.Dipo Alam pointed out that the Muslim countries are in need of a serious cooperation.

He said; "Although the total trade among the D-8 member countries is 750-800 billion dollars, we have a lot of expectations. In our road map within 10 years 1 trillion dollar trade circulation is planned.

Secretary General also pointed out that with a visa agreement among the member countries the businessmen will be able to enter into the member countries without visa and this will help to increase the business within the D-8 member countries.

Mr.Alam also said that in Britain even if they hate Islam they love Muslim money, so why not a bank smilar to World Bank be founded in Istanbul?

Secretary General indicated the importance of an Islamic Banking System and also said he had a dream about the energy that would help 900 millions of Muslims living in the D-8 member countries.

Later Necmettin Erbakan, the member founder of the D-8 countries pointed out the reason why the D-8 was established and explained the differences between the G-7 and D-8.Mr. Erbakan also said that a new money currency should be used instead of dollar and euro among the D-8 countries. 

Mr Erbakan pointed out the racist imperialism and Islam are contradicting with each other in the belief and worldly view. That is why in 1990 the racist imperialism started the 20th crashaders, an open war against Islam.

D-8 was established to bring wealth and peace for all the oppressed nations under threat and oppression. D-8 will later turn into D-60 and D-160 in which 5 billions of oppressed people are planned to be embraced.


Mr Erbakan also added that the studies of D-8 within 10 years are not enough when compared with the studies of the G-7 countries. "Islam world should be united more and act in a much more active way." ha said. Mr. Erbakan pointed out that a great mission Secretary General Mr. Alam should fullfil as the Secretary General.

 "In order to bring wealth for all those who were oppressed, we need to cooperate better. Visa agreement and similar things are good but not enough. In the political area we need to take very fundemental steps . Just taking the dust on the leaves of the tree is not enough, but want we must to do is to take measurement about the decays of the roots of the tree fundementally." Mr. Erbakan said.

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