Dahlan rejects accusations for assassination attempt.

Palestinian Legislative Council and Fateh member Mohammad Dahlan responded to the Hamas accusations.

Dahlan rejects accusations for assassination attempt.

He referred to the allegations as "false, aimed at creating discord in the Palestinian street and dragging it into dire consequences."

Dahlan addressed the members of Hamas who hold him responsible as "being accustomed to accusations directed at the Fateh movement and its leaders to cover up the abysmal failure in the management of the Palestinian issue."

It must be noted that only a small minority of Hamas members accused Dahlan of having anything to do with the incident, and Prime Minister Haniya was not one of them.

The PLC member continued by blaming Hamas for sparking the killing of three children in Gaza City on Monday. "These accusations were designed to cover up the dirty, heinous crime which claimed the lives of three innocent children and the political assassinations that have taken place in the Gaza Strip at the hands of militias affiliated with Hamas."

Dahlan said that Hamas "does not have any political program, leaving the Palestinian people in the predicament they have lived through since this government took responsibility."

The Fateh member then directly addressed Prime Minister Haniya, who suffered the attempt against his life and issued no blame himself. "The Palestinian Prime Minister must stand up to his responsibilities and work to bring the Palestinian people out from the dark tunnel which the government led them into because it lacks any political, social or economic leadership."

Dahlan blamed the incident at the Rafah border crossing with Egypt on Prime Minister Haniya. He said that the Prime Minister "stormed the crossing with blind force and brought in civilians to engage in the shooting with security."

Prime Minister Haniya was returning from his Middle East tour fostering relations, raising funds for the people and obtaining a promise from the Syrian government to release all Palestinians in its jails when chaos ensued. Already the situation at the border crossing was tense as it had not been open long enough for the thousands of people waiting on both sides to pass. The Israelis closed the border when Haniya first tried to enter as he was bringing in funds, prohibited under the US-led economic and political blockade imposed when Hamas took its rightful position at the helm of the Palestinian government after the democratic elections.

Dahlan's final word was that of caution against those who would bring the Palestinian people to civil war.

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