Diyanet Says Turkish NGOs Should Help Africa

The Summit for Religious Leaders of Muslim Countries and Communities of Africa, hosted by the Directorate of Religious Affairs of Turkey, officially ended.

Diyanet Says Turkish NGOs Should Help Africa

The 16-article final declaration agreed on during the three-day meeting was announced by Turkish Religious Affairs Directorate Head Ali Bardakoglu.

The most striking point in the final declaration was about the role of Turkey's non-governmental organizations (NGOs). According to the statement, Turkish NGOs could have a significant role in solving Africa's problems including ignorance, famine, diseases, education and infrastructure.

The decision to establish human rights without discriminating against language, color, race or sex was emphasized in the declaration.

The three-day meeting that began at Ceylan Hotel on Wednesday ended with the announcement of the final declaration.

Reading aloud the final declaration, Bardakoglu underlined that the problem most referred to was on religious education.

"We want to mobilize the public opinion and civil initiative in this regard," Bardakoglu said, adding a they would call Turkish people for the construction of mosques and ritual Islamic sacrifices in African countries.

African religious leaders met the community at the Blue Mosque.

People from all colors embraced one another with love following the Friday prayer where the sermon's emphasis was on brotherhood.

Bardakoglu, Istanbul Governor Muammer Guler, Metropolitan Mayor Kadir Topbas and religious leaders met citizens.

South African religious leader Mohammad Harun said he was deeply impressed by the atmosphere.

Stating this was the first time he embraces a black person, Turkish citizen Hasan Colak said, "I have never seen such a sweet Muslim man before. I embraced him like a brother."

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