Document Exposed - The aim behind the civil war in Iraq

The aim behind the civil war initiated by the Safawis** in Iraq is to neutralize the Greater Middle East project

Document Exposed - The aim behind the civil war in Iraq

When the group of eight nations, led by the USA adopted a new advanced strategy, for freedom and reform in the Middle East, and supported a long term form of relationship with the peoples and leaders of the region in the project of Greater Middle East, it encouraged the political, economic, and social reform. This project which aims to reach a common ground of understanding towards implementing steps towards reform deals with the ways to find solution and treatment for the shortcomings defined in the UN Arab Human Resources report through encouraging the spread of democracy and sound government, building a society of knowledge, and expanding the economic potentialities.

The USA and International community in their bid to put this project into action have embarked upon toppling two dictatorial regimes in Afghanistan and Iraq and began spreading the democratic pulses among the peoples of the region.

The group of eight in their efforts to show their commitments to the above mentioned UN report have made historical serious efforts today in the midst of very complicated circumstances in Afghanistan and Iraq  towards reconstruction and reform in all fields either economically or socially or culturally. No doubt these efforts require continuation of determination so that it can bear fruits for the peoples of the region.

If we have a comprehensive overview of the Greater Middle East Project, we shall discover that it contradicts wholly with Safawi (Iran's radical religious movement) conception and its radical allies who are playing leading roles in the political and human arena in Iraq.  Therefore we find among the leading opponents of the Greater Middle East project: Safawi Iran, elements of terrorism spreading all over the region, the fundamentalists of some Islamic parties and the enemies of freedom and humanity in the world.

Having said this, we need to stress that this does not mean that there are also some political and intellectual liberals who differ with this project for objective reasons relating to their people freedom and national dignity, and we respect their points of view.

We hope that the Arab media will play a positive role and will not confine its role to publishing opposing points of views to the free world and neglecting the views of the majority in the political arena.

As the Mullahs of Iran, see in this project their defeat, and the defeat of their old futile ideas vis-à-vis rapid progress towards advancement and prosperity of all the peoples of the region, including the peoples of Iran.

They- the Mullahs – continued to use Iraq as their only path to achieve their victory against the will of the international community by imposing first their domination over Iraq and subsequently spread their domination to the Middle East region. They have their sick conception of separating the south of Iraq and establishing an Oil Safawi State which will integrate with Iran, to produce an astronomical oil production which will bring huge oil revenues, and hence pose a threat to the peoples of the region and the interests of the world.

We can only imagine that if Iran and Iraq reach 20 million barrel a day of raw oil, and this is possible within 5 years, then it can achieve revenue of more than a billion dollar a day, and then we can speculate how Safawi Iran will be able to do in the region and the world.

The question is: are the USA and the free world unaware of this Safawi plan which the Iran safawi mullahs dream to achieve?

The Safawi Iran regime has dedicated all its massive financial revenues, its economic potentialities and human resources to inflame the internal sectarian strife in Iraq and make sure it continues unabated.  Iran wants to make sure that USA finds itself in the midst of continuous civil war which will drain its resources and subsequently force it to abandon Iraq. Iran is waiting to be the only player in the region so that it can achieve its project in Iraq and achieve its nuclear project at any cost even if the whole Middle East was left in turmoil.

Iran in order to achieve its evil ambitions is doing the following:

 -  It has tried with all its power and determination, after the fall of the Iraqi regime, that all the parties loyal to its safawi doctrines reach the highest positions of authority in Iraq. And Iran plan was that these parties and their militias -which are armed and financed by Iran- when they reach the top of political scene in Iraq; they can play a major role in dividing the national unity and creating a status quo that help Iran infiltration into Iraq. This will help Iran proclaim its strategic supremacy over the Gulf region from its base at the gates of Iraq, the eastern gates of the Arab World.

- As a result, we can see today that Iraqi safawi rulers and their fifth column paving the way psychologically for southern Iraqi people to impose on them the civil war catastrophe as a prelude to separate the South and join it to its direct rule. They let the events in Iraq reality look vague and horrible through their Iraqi mullahs in Iraq, and in the mean time they ignite the intolerable fire of the sectarian and racial division, even inciting burning or destroying the sacred worshiping places. They incite through their terrorist militias to increase revenge, assassinations based on sect or creed or by daily tragedies which wrecked the centre, and south and turned Baghdad lately into unprecedented real dirty war theatre.
-They made of the ruling Iraqi safawi politicians partners of Iran in case the World decide to launch any attack against the Mullahs of Iran.  This because the Mullahs of Iran would not approve any Iraqi government composed of true Iraqi nationalists who can give priority to the national interests of Iraq.

- The fighting which is raging now reflects the fact that it will grow to become more horrible in future. The reason behind this fighting is that there is no confidence among all political parties.  There is also the red line drawn by the mullahs of Iran to be followed by their stooges of safawi rulers in Iraq aiming to keep the country in the path of a wider civil war.

- If the bad luck has made Iraq get out of a tyrannical dark system to enter into the Safawi horrible dark tunnel, the Iran plot aims to make it -Iraq- a toy in the hands of those dwarfs and their mullahs who are the mafia of terrorism and crime. We believe, at the end of the day, that the Iraqi people will with all their power to survive and all their national political and social entities, rise to conquer these forces of darkness. The true nationalist Iraqi people will not permit those dwarfs to burn and destroy the great foundations of their country.

And therefore the INSTITUTION OF IRAQI SHIITE JAFARIAH foresees these pre requisites for the future:

- The co-ordination among the Iraqi nationalist forces and the armed national resistance to clean the country from the evil of terrorists and Safawis who infiltrated the borders to destroy the country. It is absolutely clear that Iran with its mighty financial power has pushed thousands of their army and stooges to revenge from the Iraqi people and destroy the country.

- Ending all operations which are directed against the occupation forces and starting a new stage of positive dialogue with the occupation authorities aiming to achieve full withdrawal from all Iraqi cities especially Baghdad, taking into accounts the American diplomacy confrontation and offensive against the conspiracies of Iran Mullahs.

- The removal of Safawi coalition loyal to Safawi Iran from all Government or rule.

-Suspension of the phoney National Assembly, removal of Al Malki government and the formation of a national rescue government.

- Disbanding of the militias, destruction of the caves of terror, and the elimination of the outlaws of the Mahdi army who are loyal to the Mullahs of Iran.

- Giving priority to the Iran infiltration inside Iraq and including it in the total solution of security matters in the country.

-The Dawa Party must recognize the Arabism of central and south Iraq and must state that these parts of Iraq do not belong to Iran, and this will help the Iraqi nationalists feel with relief towards that party..

-The Iraqi Sunni, the Kurdish in Iraqi Kurdistan, the Jaffaria sect and other elements of the Iraqi society must be neutralized in the fight between the USA and Iran.
The USA can and is able to put forth bridges of understanding among the Iraqi sects, and this in itself scares Iran and its Safawi stooges in Iraq and kills Iran conspiracy against our country.

The USA is the only power which can stop the catastrophe from taking place if it interfered in the right time by building bridges of understanding among the sects, and this in itself will spoil the Iran Safawi conspiracy in Iraq.
We know for sure that the Americans have a clear idea of what will happen if a civil war broke out in Iraq and we are sure that the foreign troops have the power to stop it. The American leaders know also that      the highest ranks in the new Iraqi army who belong to the Sunni sect and who have been trained together with Jafaria and other sects by the US forces will have a role in foiling the Safawi dirty conspiracy.

We are sure that the USA will never concede that Iran go on in its destructive role in the region, and that it will never permit Iran to have the supremacy politically or economically in the region under the cover of the false anti Israel slogan.

All these reasons make it urgent necessity that the Iraqi nationalist forces (excluding the opportunists) make urgent powerful plans to confront the Iran conspiracy in Basra and the south. We need these plans to avoid that the south of Iraq, especially Najaf, Karbala, Amara, and Basra become a real war theatre between the conspiring Safawi followers and the Jaffaria and other sects of Iraq. And this if it happens – the civil war- is what Iran wish to achieve.

As the forces of peace, fraternity, good will and love are able to satisfy the pre-requisites of Iraq today and achieve the common goals of the Iraqi people; they will be able to defeat the Safawis and what is left of the evil forces.

Our country will keep alive its long history of tolerance, national fraternity, multi sectarian nature and political multiplicity, and will also be able to liberate our land and restore its sovereignty through peaceful means. We can achieve this after eliminating the Safawi evil conspiracy and defeating the terrorists.

At last the voice of Iraq will be higher than those who call for war and destruction.

The voices of peace, fraternity, and love will bring hope to Iraq, and will make it a vivid example for democracy, freedom, multiplicity, human rights, the establishment of the civil society and opposition to war in the region.

** Iran's radical religious movement or its followers or allies  

Source: Al Jafaria 

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