Egypt blocks Qatar humanitarian aid on Gaza border

Palestinians wounded in the Israeli attack on Gaza trickled into Egypt on Monday after a day and a half of confusion and disagreement between Hamas and the Egyptian government.

Egypt blocks Qatar humanitarian aid on Gaza border
At the same time, the flow of medical supplies from Egypt to Gaza began to accelerate. Ten trucks crossed the border at Rafah carrying supplies including some from Libya and Saudi Arabia, border officials said.

Nine wounded Palestinians and eight people accompanying them crossed by nightfall, a fraction of the hundreds of Palestinian casualties from three days of Israeli attacks which have killed more then 300 people in Gaza.

About 30 are expected to leave Gaza eventually for treatment, the border officials said.

They were originally expected to cross on Sunday but Hamas and Egyptian officials gave conflicting explanations for the delay. Relations across the border are tense because of Egypt's refusal to stop cooperating in the Israeli blockade of Gaza.

The border officials said humanitarian aid from Qatar was on its way to the border from the airport in the nearby Sinai town of El Erish.

The Qatar-based television station Al Jazeera said Qatari aircraft carrying aid returned to the Gulf Arab state without being able to deliver their cargo but this was denied by Egyptian officials.

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