Erdogan, Abbas agree Turkey's role in Gaza truce

Turkish PM Erdogan and President Abbas of Palestine met on Friday evening.

Erdogan, Abbas agree Turkey's role in Gaza truce

Palestinian-Israeli relations, steps to be taken to make the truce in Gaza permanent, and recent developments in efforts to ensure national compromise in Palestine have been high on agenda of the meeting between Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan and President Mahmoud Abbas of Palestine.

The Prime Ministry Press Center said in a statement on Saturday, "during the meeting on Friday evening, President Abbas informed Prime Minister Erdogan on his contacts in France and Britain and at the European Parliament. He thanked Turkey for its efforts to find a solution to the Palestinian-Israeli dispute and its humanitarian solidarity with Gazans."

"Prime Minister Erdogan and President Abbas agreed that Turkey should maintain its contributions to efforts to ensure a sustainable cease-fire, to dispatch of humanitarian aid to Gaza, and to Egypt-led negotiations to provide national compromise in Palestine. They also reiterated their determination to work together in an influential way," the center added.

President Abbas is currently in Ankara on a two-day state visit.


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