Erdogan: 'Constitutional amendment being prepared'

PM Erdogan said his party was preparing a proposal to make it more difficult to shut down parties.

Erdogan: 'Constitutional amendment being prepared'
Turkey's prime minister criticized a decision by the country's top court to hear a case for a ban on his party, saying Tuesday the case would weaken the state.

Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan vowed, however, that the case would not stop his government from carrying out reforms.

The Constitutional Court voted unanimously on Monday to hear the case arguing for a ban on the governing party on the grounds that it is trying to undermine secular order.

"Today, society is shouting loudly its demand for democracy, freedom and welfare," Erdogan said in an address to legislators from his party. "Attempts to weaken politics would not only hurt the nation, but weaken the state as well."

Erdogan said the government would continue pursuing reforms to strengthen Turkey's bid to join the European Union and to strengthen the economy.

"We will never allow those fear-mongers to darken our future," Erdogan said. "We are aware of our responsibilities and we will handle this process calmly. Let's hope the winner be the justice, democracy and the will of the nation."

"Closure case Turkey's problem"

Erdogan, meanwhile, said his party was preparing a proposal to amend the constitution to make it more difficult to shut down parties, private CNN-Turk television reported.

Erdogan qualified Tuesday the closure case against his party as Turkey's problem.

Erdogan deemed the case as one concerning the future of the Turkish nation in the gathering of his Justice & Development (AK) Party at parliament.

The Constitutional Court decided Monday to examine an indictment against the ruling AK Party.

"We do not have a personal case, and we will never deal with a personal case or a matter," Erdogan told the members of his party.

Erdogan pledged that his party will stay committed to the rule of law and maintain its democratic position till the very end.

The Turkish prime minister believed Turkey's democracy and legal system will get out of this process more stronger, and wished Turkey will gain in the end of this process.

"Efforts to weaken politics will harm both the nation and the state," the prime minister said.

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