Erdoğan: 'Defeat us by democratic means'

Turkish PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan, chairman of the ruling Justice and Development (AK) Party, called on their political rivals to defeat them on the field by democratic means.

Erdoğan: 'Defeat us by democratic means'
Delivering a speech at the Women's Branch Congress of his party in the province of Bursa on Sunday, Erdogan said, "This is a democratic competition. Do not try to defeat us by other means. There is only one way of defeating by democratic means and that is the elections."

"Some say I (Prime Minister) forgot the remarks I made on the eve of July 22nd. No, the Prime Minister is still behind whatever he said back then," said Erdogan.

Erdogan denied allegations that his party talked about nothing but the headscarf issue and said, "in the first five years of our term in office did we ever bring such an issue to the agenda of the parliament? We have been patient. But if our people have such a problem so we are entitled to solve it. After all, what is the legislative branch there for? It is there for solving the problems of this country," said Erdogan.

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