Erdogan: 'My words not harsh as much as Israel's phosphorus

Turkish PM Erdogan said that humanity is dying in Gaza along with civilians and children.

Erdogan: 'My words not harsh as much as Israel's phosphorus
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The chairman of Turkey's Justice and Development (AK) Party and Prime Minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, said Tuesday that humanity is dying in Gaza along with civilians and children.

On those who described his reactions against Israel massacre in Gaza as "harsh", PM Erdogan said My statements can not be harsh as much as white phosphorus Israel rained over Gazans. I am human, I am a father, too."

Under the Geneva Treaty of 1980, white phosphorous is banned as a weapon of war in civilian areas.

Human Rights Watch last Saturday called on Israel to stop using white-phosphorus during its offensive in the Gaza Strip.

Speaking at a group meeting of his party in the Turkish Parliament, Erdogan said that those who are silent on the attacks being staged in Gaza will bear historical responsibility regardless of why they are remaining silent.

I want to emphasize that the international community has reacted very late in response to the incidents in Gaza, Erdogan said.

Humanity's conscience has been deeply hurt due to the incidents in Gaza, Erdogan said.

What is happening in Gaza is beyond the limits of diplomacy, Erdogan stressed.

Keeping silence and not taking any action is being a partner of the tragedy caused in Gaza, Erdogan said.

Israel and everyone being silent are responsible for the deaths of innocent children in Gaza, Erdogan said.

Erdogan said some media were spreading false information about the Israel offensive in Gaza.

"Excuses are found for mass killings of children at schools, hospitals and mosques, especially by Jewish-backed media," Erdogan said.

"News stories saying that terrorists hide among children or (describing bombings) as technical errors or accidents are aimed at making fun of the world (public opinion)," he said.

Erdogan made a warning in his speech that the incidents in Gaza will increase the regional tension.

The incidents in Gaza will put the Middle East in a circle of fear and fire, Erdogan also said.

The Israeli military has previously denied using white phosphorus during the 15-day offensive in the Gaza Strip, but has said that any munitions that it does use comply with international law.

Israel admitted in 2006 that it had used phosporus shells during its war against Hezbollah in Lebanon. The U.S. military also used white phosphorus munitions during a 2004 siege in the Iraqi city of Falluja.
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