Erdogan says regional countries trust in Turkey

Erdogan that all the countries in its region had confidence in Turkey and Turkey tried to use such trust for the foundation of regional peace.

Erdogan says regional countries trust in Turkey

Turkish prime minister said on Wednesday that all the countries in its region had confidence in Turkey and Turkey tried to use such trust for the foundation of regional peace.

Speaking at a conference at the International Strategic Research Organization (USAK) on the changing balances in the world and Turkey's growing global importance, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that all countries should be treated the same regarding the nuclear weapons issue.

Erdogan said the notion of justice would be harmed if some countries were warned and others were tolerated on the nuclear issue.

"If you have a nuclear weapon, you cannot tell another country not to develop it. In order to demand such a thing, such country should first destroy the weapons in its hand," he said.

"Hopefull for Spanish EU presidency"

Upon a question on the relations between Turkey and EU, Erdogan said that he expected the Spanish rotating presidency of EU to act differently while negotiating the chapters with Turkey.

Erdogan said Turkey was currently in a much better position than nearly half of the EU-member states and those who assessed the issue objectively agreed on such matter.

Regarding Turkey's EU bid, Erdogan said the country would continue to fulfill its responsibilities, however, the Union had certain liabilities in Turkey's full membership process as well.

"We expect EU to stay committed to its responsibilities," he said.


In his reply to a question on Cyprus issue, Erdogan said UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon's recent visit to the office of Turkish Cypriot President Mehmet Ali Talat seriously disturbed the Greek Cypriot party.

Noting that the UN SG had given the best reply to the stance of the Greek Cypriot party with his visit, Erdogan said, "We will get what we deserve sooner or later. However, this journey needs patience. We have nothing to lose, we will win in the end".

Erdogan also said that several countries' efforts to present the Cyprus issue as a political obstacle before Turkey's EU membership, were totally wrong.

"Obstacles that are not envisaged by the acquis are put in front of us. This is wrong in terms of the ethics of negotiation," he said.

Erdogan said that the appropriate platform for the solution of the Cyprus issue was the UN, not the EU.

Regional issues

Commenting on the Paletsinian conflict as well, Erdogan said such issue laid in the center of all the regional problems, adding no permanent peace or stability could be provided in the Middle East unless this matter was solved.

Expressing the importance attached by Turkey to the security and stability of the Gulf region, Erdogan said Turkey also had quite good relations with the Black Sea countries such as Romania and Ukraine.

Pointing to Turkey's efforts to initiate the Caucasus cooperation process, Erdogan said, "We are trying hard to solve the problems between Armenia and Azerbaijan, which we consider a key country in the region.

Erdogan also called on the Minsk Group to fulfill its duties for the solution of the matter.

"More embassies in Africa"

Upon a question on whether there would be any changes in the organizational structure of the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA), Erdogan said MFA would start recruiting ambassadors that were not actual employees of the ministry.

"If those who are offered such positions accept, we desire to appoint them as ambassadors in different parts of the world," he said.

Erdogan also said that Turkey would open 5 more embassies in Africa in 2010, increasing the total number of embassies in the continent to 27.


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