Erdogan says speeding up new measures against party closure'

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Tuesday they are ready to lose if Turkey is supposed to win.

Erdogan says speeding up new measures against party closure'
"I can undertake everything but it would be better if those who want privilege wanted justice before privilege," he told reporters in Sarajevo after meeting Nikola Spiric, the chairman of Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Erdogan said he has always given a message of compromise, and continues to do so when commenting on Turkish daily Cumhuriyet columnist Ilhan Selcuk's call to him that he should give a message of compromise to ease the tension.

"I always say that 'we should be in unity and solidarity' and 'we have never been a side to any tension, and will never be so'," he told.

Erdogan asked for media's support because the media has a great role in escalation or easing of tension.

"We are speeding up process"

On the other hand, Erdogan said his party has been working for some time on a draft to make closure of political parties more difficult. "This is not an initiative launched recently," he commented on a possible constitutional amendment.

Erdogan said, "we are just speeding up the process."

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