EU condemns Dubai Hamas killing, passport forgery

Dubai said some of Mabhuh's killers used diplomatic passports to enter the country.

EU condemns Dubai Hamas killing, passport forgery

European Union foreign ministers condemned on Monday the use of forged European passports by assassins who killed a Palestinian commander in Dubai.

The condemnation came after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met members of a hit squad at Mossad headquarters shortly before the murder and Dubai said some of Mabhuh's killers used diplomatic passports to enter the country.

Mabhuh, a founder of the armed wing of the Palestinian movement Hamas, was found dead in his hotel room in Dubai on January 20.

The United Arab Emirates condemned on Sunday the abuse of European passports by the assassins as police said some of the killers entered the country with diplomatic passports.

"There is information that Dubai police will not make public for the moment, especially regarding diplomatic passports" used by some of Mahmud al-Mabhuh's killers to enter Dubai, Khalfan was quoted by Al-Bayan newspaper as saying.

Dubai police last week released the names and photos of 11 suspects in Mabhuh's killing who entered the UAE on European passports -- six from Britain, three from Ireland, one from Germany and one from France.

"The EU strongly condemns the fact that those involved in this action (assassination) used fraudulent EU member states' passports and credit cards acquired through the theft of EU citizens' identities," a declaration on behalf of EU foreign ministers said.

Khalfan, however, has said he is "99, if not 100 percent" sure that Mossad was behind the assassination, and added on Saturday that Dubai had evidence, including wiretaps, of the agency's role.

Khalfan said that Mabhuh's killing was "no longer a local issue, but a security issue for European countries," quoted on Sunday in another Emirati daily, the Abu Dhabi-owned Al-Ittihad.

In 1987, Britain protested to Israel about the forgery by Israeli authorities of British passports and said it received "assurances" steps had been taken to prevent future occurrences.

Over the years, a number of Hamas leaders have killed By Israel.

In 2004, Hamas founder Sheikh Ahmed Yassin was killed in an Israeli helicopter gunship attack in Gaza. One month later, another Hamas leader in the enclave, Abdel Aziz al-Rantissi, was killed when two missiles hit his car.

In 1997, Israeli agents tried to poison Hamas's exiled political supremo Khaled Meshaal in Amman, while in 1995.



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