'EU court ruling over PKK unacceptable': Turk officials

Turkish officials stated they were disappointed by EU court ruling and said the decision is "unacceptable".

'EU court ruling over PKK unacceptable': Turk officials

Turkish State Minister Kursad Tuzmen qualified a ruling by the European Court of Justice on removing the PKK from European Union's list of terrorist groups as "unacceptable."

"As every Turkish citizen living in this country, I consider this decision unacceptable," Tuzmen told reporters at a reception hosted by the Embassy of New Zealand in Ankara.

The European Court of Justice overturned Thursday a decision by European Council to place PKK on European Union's terror list and said it was "illegal under EU law."


Also, a high ranking official of the Turkish parliament said Thursday that he has been disappointed by the European Court of Justice's decision on PKK that excludes it from the terrorist organizations list of the EU.

Speaking at a discussion forum hosted by the Konrad Adenauer Foundation in Ankara, Murat Mercan, chairman of the Turkish Parliamentary Foreign Affairs Committee, said that he has been deeply disappointed and saddened by the European Court of Justice's decision on PKK.

"I just cannot understand the court's decision," Mercan told the audience watching the forum.

Meanwhile, German Federal Parliamentary Foreign Affais Committee Chairperson Ruprecht Polenz said that PKK is viewed as a terrorist organization in Germany and will remain so.

"PKK will remain in terror list"

Turkish Foreign Ministry said the PKK remained on a European Union list of terrorist groups despite an EU court ruling that overturned Thursday a European Council decision to place the group on the blacklist.

"Our initial analysis of the ruling suggests that the court issued an opinion on whether the European Council's decision complied with the EU laws, not on whether the PKK/KONGRA-GEL is a terrorist organization," MFA spokesman said in a written response to a question.

"Allegations that the group was removed from the EU list were untrue," the spokesman said.


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