'European values not just Christian'

A senior member of the British Muslim Council, said Europe should be inclusive where the needs of European Muslims are recognized and respected, stressing European values are not just Christian.

'European values not just Christian'
By Worldbulletin staff

A senior representative of the British Muslim Council for religious and racial harmony, Imam AbdulJalil Sajid, said that religious and political leaders must work together to promote harmony, peace and respect in Europe, Kuwaiti news agency reported.

"European values are Christian, Islamic and Jewish values. They are not exclusive to one faith," Sajid told KUNA in an interview in Brussels where he participated Monday in a dialogue between EU leaders and 20 high-level representatives of Christianity, Judaism and Islam in Europe.

He told the agency the four Muslim participants in the meeting expressed a lot of concern that Europe is now becoming more exclusive.

"We want an inclusive Europe where the needs of European Muslims are recognized and respected. They are not put to the corner where there is ghettoisation or radicalisation," said Sajid who has worked for over 35 years towards the cause of peace, harmony and justice in the UK, Europe and abroad.

Sajid, whose origins are from Pakistan, said the European Commission agreed that they will not tolerate issues in which Muslims are put aside.

He said the issue of Danish cartoons insulting the prophet of Islam and the anti-Islam Dutch film fitna were raised during the meeting. Sajid stressed that there should be a balance between press freedom and respect of faith and religions.

He described Mondays meeting as good and said it is important that religious leaders meet with the EU leaders to discuss real issues how to involve our youth and our women in the integration process.

The inter-faith dialogue focused on two major challenges facing the European Union: Climate Change and Reconciliation.

European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso who hosted the meeting, said churches, mosques and temples all have a role to play to help save the planet.
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