Ex-UN diplomat wins Slovenia polls

A law professor and former UN diplomat has won Slovenia's presidential run-off.

Ex-UN diplomat wins Slovenia polls

Danilo Turk, 55, an independent supported by the opposition left, won 68.2 per cent of the vote on Sunday, according to near complete results released by the National Electoral Commission.

He beat Lojze Peterle, the conservative candidate and former prime minister backed by the government, and analysts said the margin of victory was a sign of growing discontent with Janez Jansa, the prime minister, and his conservative cabinet.

Borut Hocevar, a political analyst at newspaper Zurnal 24, told Reuters: "This result is definitely a strong warning to the government. People are unhappy because of the mistakes it made and particularly because of high inflation."

The result is a boost to the opposition social democrats before parliamentary elections due in late 2008.

Peterle, a member of the European parliament, conceded defeat.

"I congratulate Mr Turk on his victory," he said. "I wish him all the best in leading the country for the next five years."

Turk, Slovenia's former ambassador to the UN and then UN assistant secretary-general for political affairs, said after exit polls were shown: "I'm very happy with the results as they appear now. I want to be a president who is uniting people."

He added: "My message to the Slovenian people is, 'Let's work together for the further improvement of our country in all fields'."


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