Facts, figures explore behind food price rising

There is an explore the facts and figures behind crisis of the rising price of food across the globe.

Facts, figures explore behind food price rising


The cost of food: Facts and figures


Graph showing fluctuations in food commodity prices from 1971 to 2017 (projected)

Viewed over more than three decades, the current spike in commodity prices does not look so marked.

ine graphs showing rising food prices 2005-07 and price rises by food type, 2007-8

Graphic illustrating price rises in corn, rice, soya and wheat

Figures from the Commodity Research Bureau and the FAO show a take off in energy prices, before food prices start to rise

Graphic showing world population growth 1950-2050
There will be billions more mouths to feed by 2050, making an increased demand for food a long-term trend

Graphic showing change in Chinese meat consumption and pressure on water resources driven by wheat and beef production

Map showing projected change in global balance of trade
Rising prices will improve the trade balance of major food exporters, but major importers stand to see a greater deficit

Graphic showing share of biofuels in increased demand for coarse grains and vegetable oil


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