Foreigners in London

One year after four suicide bombings devastated London, killing 52, foreign perceptions of the city appear divided.

Foreigners in London

After intense global reaction following the attacks on the British capital, Londoners soon got on with their lives and tourists returned, but some feel the impact still lingers.

Others believe that London's resilient nature has allowed it to bounce back after the devastating attacks.

"Years ago when I lived in London, there was the threat of an IRA attack," said Dubai-based Canadian Barbara Cummings.

"But, Londoners just got on with their lives. London has been through it before, and they have dealt with this situation just as well."

Cummings said that cases such as the London bombings tend to make people more supportive, but also vigilant.

"Londoners are very worldly and seem to have faced this adversity in an entirely different manner than the approach taken by Americans after 9/11, as they do not appear to be quite so insular."

South African businessman Suleiman Dockrat said that as a result of current global insecurity, he has adopted a fatalistic attitude.

"These problems are not just an issue for the West," he told Gulf News. "If your life is going to end then so be it, whether you are hit by a bus or killed in a suicide bombing."

A frequent visitor to London, Dockrat said that the bombings have not deterred him from travelling.

"I certainly have not thought twice about travelling to London. However, I am a little more on edge when using public transport and have experienced times when I have been on the tube... But, unfortunately being scared is part of life..."

Rami Shehadeh, 35, said he feels that the bombings have changed the way the country views foreigners.

But, speaking from Britain, Iraqi Raed Al Tikriti is happy to be making the country his new home. "I have only felt welcome and don't think London has changed."

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