Gagoshadze wants Georgian broadcasts in Turkish state TV

Georgia's State Minister for Diaspora Affairs said on Friday that his country desired Turkey's state-run radio and television network TRT to start broadcasts in Georgian language.

Gagoshadze wants Georgian broadcasts in Turkish state TV

In an interview, Georgian Minister Iulon Gagoshadze said that improvement of historical ties and cultural relations between Turkey and Georgia was of great importance.

"Turkey is a special country for us. It would be beneficial if TRT started broadcasting in Georgian language upon a demand from the Georgian community living in Turkey," Gagoshadze said.

He also said that TRT's starting broadcasts in Kurdish was an important development in terms of improvement of democracy.

Gagoshadze said Georgia's state-run TV had been preparing programs in an effort to inform the Georgian community in Turkey on their mother tongue as well.

Gagoshadze said the Georgian state TV was also asked to prepare cultural programs and broadcast movies with Turkish subtitles so as to help the Georgian community improve their language skills and cultural characteristics.

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