Gaza convoy resolute to break Israel siege despite Egypt refusal / PHOTO

Egypt still refuses entry to Viva Palestina convoy, carrying medical and humanitarian aid to Israel-besieged Gaza.

Gaza convoy resolute to break Israel siege despite Egypt refusal / PHOTO


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Egyptian government still on Friday refuses entry to international Viva Palestina aid convoy, carrying medical and humanitarian aid to Israel-besieged Gaza, to enter the country from Jordan through the Red Sea.

Around 250 trucks laden with European, Turkish and Arab aid -- both food and medical supplies-- arrived in Jordan from Syria on Wednesday and were headed to the Red Sea port of Aqaba for the ferry journey across to the Egyptian Sinai port of Nuweiba.

Entering through El-Arish port would mean going around the Sinai peninsula and through the Suez Canal into the Meditarranean.

Viva Palestine Convoy teams had to spend the night at Akaba in Jordan around the fire. People in the convoy slept in sleep bags and in their cars.

Hundreds of tonnes of aid, including specialised medical equipment and powdered milk for babies, is now stockpiled in the Jordanian port town of Aqaba waiting for permission to enter Egypt via the Straits of Aqaba.

Turkey's IHH chairman Bulent Yildirim said the convoy is not going back and will wait until the Egyptian government grants the permit.

"We will protest Egypt in front of the Egyptian Embassy if necessary", he said.

The convoy teams from the USA and UK said they will burn their cars if the Egyptian government did not allow them entering the country.

British MP George Galloway, who is leading the convoy, issued a statement urging Egypt to facilitate the convoy's passage.

The convoy from various parts of the world, carrying at least 450 figures, - left London on December 3 and are expected to enter Gaza by December 27, the first anniversary of the attack, which left nearly 1500 Palestinians dead and injured 5,000.

Viva Palestina, formed in January, sent convoys to Gaza earlier this year -- the UK convoy in February and the US convoy in July.

Israel and Egypt imposes siege into the occupied land home to 1.5 million people since June 2007.

Israel controls all but one of Gaza's border crossings, the Rafah terminal with Egypt, which Cairo keeps closed.


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mona elsayed
mona elsayed - 9 yıl Before

It is quite unbelievable that Egypt has decided to side with Israel against the people of Gaza. It is the people of Gaza who are suffering and what is happening there amounts to crimes against humanity of which Israel has already been accused. Is Egypt prepared to be an accessory to the crime of "collective punishment" which is also a crime under international law and the Geneva Convention?