German minister urges EU to give Turkey fair chance

Germany's Foreign Minister Frank Walter Steinmeier said Turkey's importance in energy transportation would be better acknowledged in the years to come

German minister urges EU to give Turkey fair chance

Steinmeier who delivered a speech at the lunch hosted in Berlin by Turkish Community in Germany (TGD) said he always supported Turkey's accession to the EU, adding however that there were certain countries who were rather hesitant about it.

He said Turkey ought to be given a fair chance for membership, and all obstacles in its way should be removed.

Steinmeier said Turkey's expectations and hopes should not be affected by EU member countries' negative attitude.

He said Turkey pursued a very active foreign policy and played a mediating role in the Middle East.

Steinmeier said he appreciated Turkey's efforts to enhance both its own relations with Armenia and the relations between Azarbaijan and Armenia. He said Germany's relations with Turkey would always be good.

He said if his party, Social Democratic Party (SPD) won the elections in September 27, Germany's stance towards Turkey's membership would change.
He referred to the coalition agreement with Christlich Demokratische Union (CDU) and said they had compromised to put a provision in the agreement saying the accession negotiations with Turkey would be open ended because CDU insisted so.

Steinmeier said his party supported Turkey's full membership to the EU.
He said unemployment rates and number of people leaving the schools without a diploma were higher among Turks in Germany compared to Germans, adding that an education system offering equal opportunities to everyone was needed.

Steinmeier said not just Germans but also immigrants in Germany should see themselves as a richness for the society, noting that it was not possibble to desire an open society while closing the doors to immigrants on the other hand.

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