Germans, Russians, Ukrainians top visitors in Turkish city

German and Russian tourists prefer a Turkish Mediterranean city as a holiday destination, Turkish authorities said on Tuesday.

Germans, Russians, Ukrainians top visitors in Turkish city

The German and Russian people chose the Mediterranean city of Antalya as a tourist and vacation destination in 2008, the executives of the Culture & Tourism Department in Antalya said.

The executives said 9.9 million tourists, including Turks working abroad, visited Antalya in 2008.

The German people topped the foreign tourists who preferred spending their vacation in Antalya, they also said.

Around 2.3 million Germans visited Antalya last year. The number of German tourists visiting the city was up 4.56 percent in 2008 over 2007.

According to executives, the number of Russian tourists visiting Antalya was up 20.10 percent in 2008 over 2007 and reached 2.1 million.

The Ukrainians were ranked the third among foreign tourists choosing Antalya as a holiday destination. The number of Ukrainians visiting the city was up 39.26 percent and reached 462,978 in 2008.

Also, the number of Iranian, Spanish, Belorussian, Romanian and Norwegian tourists visiting Antalya was up in 2008.

Turkish executives said they also expected a rise in the number of German tourists spending holiday in Turkey in 2009, and expressed belief that the economic crisis would be an opportunity for Turkey.

The middle-class Europeans, who used to spend their vacation in the United States, Canada, Spain, Greece and Far Eastern countries, would prefer Turkey in 2009 for they could have a more reasonable holiday, the executives also said.

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