Germany's population goes grey

Germany is Europe's most populous country but it also has the world's third oldest population, creating challenges and opportunities in equal measure in politics, society and the economy.

Germany's population goes grey
When it comes to greying populations, Japan leads the way but Europe is not far behind with Germany second only to Italy.

One in five Germans is over 65, by 2030 it will be one in four and by 2050 one in three will be above what for now at least is the retirement age, according to EU statistics agency Eurostat.

As in other Western countries, such a top-heavy population pyramid is putting a huge strain on public finances and leaving governments to struggle to meet a growing bill for pensions and healthcare.

Earlier this month German Chancellor Angela Merkel's government hiked pension payments, prompting a wave of criticism and talk of a "war of generations" as the young are left to pay the bills of the old.

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