Great protest in Istanbul today

Thousands of people will gather to protest Israel today at 14:00 in Turkey,Istanbul - Çaðlayan

Great protest in Istanbul today

Hundred thousands of people are gathering in Çaðlayan Square, Istanbul today. They are going to give a message to the world and curse Israel for the violent acts and attacks it has been comtinuing for years over the innocent Palestinians.

The meeting will start at 14:00 with the Turkish time and the preparations on it is still going on. All around the Istanbul streets the banners were put and people are also invited to the meeting by the sms service and booklets. Yesterday after the Friday prayer almost in the exit of all the mosques after the prayer people distributed booklets to the Muslims who filled the mosques on Friday  in Istanbul.

Osman Yumakoðullarý, the head of  Istanbul of the Saadet Party, said the Zionist violence of the terror government, Israel ,must urgently stop and hundreds thousands of people must protest this  On the other the party preparations for the meeting today went  on around the Party's Central Building in Istanbul. 

Everyone must go to meeting

The Abbassador of Palestine Nebil Maruf  in his visit to the General Chairman of the Saadet Party, Recai Kutan, said that he is very happy for the sensitivity of the Turkish people.He also called the people to the meeting on the 9th of July in Çaðlayan, Istanbul

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