Gul says unification of Arab-Islam world key for Palestine

Turkey's president said on Wednesday that the division among Palestinians was the biggest threat against the state of Palestine.

Gul says unification of Arab-Islam world key for Palestine

Turkish President Abdullah Gul, who is currently paying a formal visit to Saudi Arabia, addressed the country's Consultative Assembly in Riyadh.

During his speech, Gul said that there were strong historical, religious, social and cultural ties between Turkey and Saudi Arabia.

"Turkey attaches great importance to its relations with Saudi Arabia with whom it has a historical friendship and shares common cultural and religious values," Gul said.

Gul said that the sincere relationship established between Turkish and Saudi Arabian leaders and statesmen should be reflected on the economic relations between the countries as well.

He had quite fruitful talks in Saudi Arabia on Tuesday, Gul said and stated that Turkey and Saudi Arabia were two countries which exerted efforts for the establishment of peace and stability in the region.

Gul also said that Saudi Arabia displayed leading efforts for the implementation of the Arab Peace Plan, elimination of the division among Palestinians, establishment of peace in the Middle East and solution of the problems that arose in Gaza after the recent human tragedy.

"The division among Palestinians is the most destructive dynamite that could undermine the presence of the Palestinian state," Gul said.

"Therefore, the prior issues are the unification of Palestinians, unification of the Arab and Islam world and showing the consciousness and responsibility to act together in major issues," he added.

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