Haitian Senate fires PM over food riots

Haitian lawmakers voted yesterday to dismiss Prime Minister Jacques Edouard Alexis, hoping to defuse widespread anger over rising food prices that led to days of deadly protests and looting.

Haitian Senate fires PM over food riots
"I think that will satisfy the people," said Sen. Youri Latortue.

He said Parliament ousted Alexis because he did not boost national food production and refused to set a date for the departure of U.N. peacekeepers.

President Rene Preval, who earlier in the day announced a more than 15 percent cut in the price of rice, immediately said he would name a new prime minister.

The 16-11 vote in Parliament to oust Alexis reflected frustration over soaring food prices in a nation where most people live on less than U.S. $2 a day.

Chronic hunger had become unbearable in recent months.

The rage erupted in days of violent clashes with U.N. peacekeepers and looting across Haiti this week that had abated by late Thursday, but not before five people died.

Protesters even stormed the presidential palace on Tuesday, charging its main gate with a rolling Dumpster and yelling for Preval to step down.

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