Haiti's Parliament set to vote for new PM

Economist Jean-Max Bellerive was appointed prime minister by Haiti's president last week.

Haiti's Parliament set to vote for new PM

Economist Jean-Max Bellerive, who was appointed prime minister by Haiti's president last week, looks set to win speedy ratification in the nation's parliament, key lawmakers said on Wednesday.

The Senate is expected to meet as early as Friday to consider Bellerive's appointment. Senator Joseph Lambert, a leader of President Rene Preval's ruling Lespwa party, said he should win easy confirmation.

Lambert was a leading critic of former Prime Minister Michele Pierre-Louis, who was fired by the Senate on Oct. 30 on the grounds she failed to improve the Caribbean state's economy. Haiti is the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere.

"Bellerive is the right man to cope with the current situation. He has the experience, the competence and the leadership necessary to do so," Lambert told Reuters.

Bellerive's designation as premier must be approved by both chambers of parliament -- the Senate and Chamber of Deputies -- after his credentials for the job are scrutinized.

He seems to face little opposition even though opponents of Pierre-Louis' removal had called it unconstitutional and rejected criticism of her response to a series of devastating hurricanes and storms in 2008.

Four hurricanes and tropical storms pounded the country last year, killing some 800 people, devastating crops, washing away bridges and flooding seaside towns.

Luca Sainvil, a majority leader in the Chamber of Deputies, said he hoped to see Bellerive take office and form a new government with Preval within a matter of days.

"It seems to me that Bellerive has the makings of an effective prime minister and I think he should be given a chance to lead," Sainvil said.

Bellerive, who is respected by diplomats and international donors, previously served as Preval's planning and external cooperation minister.

No stranger to politics in Haiti, which has a history of violence and instability, he has served under at least six different prime ministers over the past two decades.


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