Hamas calls on Turkey to be more active in Palestine issue

Hamas leader Mohammad said that they will not international forces in Gaza Strip, even Turkish forces.

Hamas calls on Turkey to be more active in Palestine issue

A senior Hamas leader said on Friday that they will not international forces in Gaza Strip, even Turkish forces, because they cannot accept any possibility that "Turkey will turn into Zionist occupiers' police force".

He also called on Turkey to be more active in Palestinian cause.

"Israeli army had to withdrawal from the Gaza Strip," said Mohammad Nazzal, who is in İstanbul for Gaza Conference, "The enemy first have stopped its attacks, then the soldiers were taken back. We now are working for the removal of the siege and opening of all the border crossings."

"Indeed, the embargo is one of the ways of attacking our people and we want to break it," Nazzal told to World Bulletin, "The attack began with this siege, then it became a military attack, now firing stopped, so the embargo should be removed."

"Embargo is a type of attack. Our current war is that to remove embargo on the Palestinian people," he added.

Noting that they are close to the decision on establishing a unity organisation that include every party, Nazzal said that someone is trying to distort the words of our brother Halid Meshal on Paletsine Liberation Organisation. They tried to distort the words in order to change the image of an earned victory.

"In any case, we, favor the creation of a national authority for the Palestinian resistance forces. İts framework not necessarily need to be under PLO. "

Turkey's attitude due to "human and moral sensitivity"

Replying to question how they see the Turkey's stance on Gaza issue, Nazzal said that they believe that Turkey's attitude is positive.

"Turkey, has displayed its attitude in many occasions."

"Maybe the last one was the Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan`s attitude in Davos session. He responded Peres with a very clear and powerful language, and protested the session`s management method."

Turkey's Erdogan walked off the stage at a panel discussion on Gaza at the World Economic Forum in Davos after the moderator interrupted his speech in response to Israeli President Shimon Peres' criticisms and said that he will not attend the Davos meetings in the future.

Erdogan's reaction found support throughout the world, especially in Islamic countries.

Erdogan's attitude as well as the attitude of the Turkish public exhibit that Palestinian issue has a privileged position in the Turkey's politics. All these attitudes are completely due to human and moral sensitivity, I think. " 

No turning into 'Zionist occupiers' police force"

"Hamas, in principle, does not want the multinational forces in the Palestinian territories. İf this international force is Turkey, the same is valid for us," Nazzal told World Bulletin reporter Furkan Torlak.

This does not mean that we do not trust Turkey," Nazzal added, "Real reason is that, within the framework of the plan, any military power to enter Gaza will be between Israel and the Palestinians."

"Our hearts cannot accept any possibility that Turkey will turn into Zionist occupiers` police force. International forces that have been sent in many places, has a mission to do just the way I talked about. Therefore, we can not allow an international force. "

"Turkey acts politically"

Nazzal said that they support Turkey's efforts for internal reconciliation, underlying that Turkey acts politically in many files on Palestinian issue.

"We want Turkey's attitude on Palestine not to be changed."

"The starting point of Turkey condemnation of this attack still continues to be. For this reason, we hope Turkey will be more active in the Palestinian cause. Turkish people should continue sympathizing with the Palestinian people," added Hamas leader.

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Al Arslan
Al Arslan - 10 yıl Before

Turks have been champions of Islam for their history of more than thousand years. Now they must not remain upto their own regional interests only. They have the potential to do still more for the cause of their religion.