Hamas disbands Executive Force, absorbs troops into police

Hamas has dismantled its security force in the Gaza Strip and absorbed its members into existing police forces now under its control, a spokesman for the de-facto Hamas administration in Gaza said Tuesday.

Hamas disbands Executive Force, absorbs troops into police
The Executive Force, set up by Hamas shortly after it beat the rival Fatah party of President Mahmoud Abbas in January 2006 legislative elections, has seized to exist, Ihab al-Ghusein, a spokesman for the Hamas-led ministry of interior, told a news conference in Gaza.

He said its 6,000 members had been absorbed into the five older security services, previously dominated by Fatah but taken over by Hamas since its mid-June take-over of the Gaza Strip.

These are the blue-uniformed Gaza police, the green-uniformed army-like National Security, the Internal Security, the Personality Protection and the Civil Defence Force consisting of firefighters and rescue workers.

The police now count 8,000 men, the National Security 600, the Personality Protection 700 and the Interior Security and Civil Defence 200 each, he added.

The Executive Force's mission "is now over, and it is time to include the force into the official police forces that answer to the Ministry of Interior," al-Ghusein said.

Said Siam, interior minister in the former Hamas-led government, founded the force in early May 2006, despite a veto by Abbas who declared it illegal.

Tuesday's move was the latest by Hamas to consolidate and formalize its control over the Gaza Strip.

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