Hamas, Islamic jihad to discuss ceasefire in Egypt next week

Hamas and Islamic Jihad factions will visit Egypt next week to continue talks on a ceasefire deal with Israel under Egyptian mediation, an Islamic Jihad leader said on Saturday.

Hamas, Islamic jihad to discuss ceasefire in Egypt next week
Khaled al-Batsh told reporters that a delegation from his movement had visited al-Ariish city in Sinai last week as part of preparations for the talks which will focus on ceasefire, internal Palestinian dialogue, lifting the siege and reopening crossings into the Gaza Strip.

Israel has blockaded the Gaza Strip since last June when Hamas took over the territory from President Mahmoud Abbas' forces. In addition to the siege, Israel stepped up military attacks in the coastal Strip.

Al-Batsh says there have been always talks on the ceasefire, "but the Islamic Jihad can accept it when the occupation stops its crimes and becomes ready to give the Palestinians their rights."

Meanwhile, al-Batsh called on Hamas and Abbas' Fatah movement to end their differences which became even greater after Hamas seized Gaza.

"Any harm against the Palestinian people, their cause and rights lays on any side insists on not starting the dialogue."


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