Hamas: 'Israel crimes first must be stopped for truce'

A spokesman of the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) said on Sunday that rocket attacks stop if Israel first stops all forms of aggression and crimes.

Hamas: 'Israel crimes first must be stopped for truce'
The spokesman, Sami Abu Zuhri, said that Egypt has not offered anything for Hamas regarding the truce and the lift of the Israeli closure on the Gaza Strip.

"Our stance is clear, the Israeli aggression and crimes must be stopped first then the talks on ceasefire can start ... it is unacceptable that the rockets of Palestinian resistance are stopped first and then pressure is built on the occupation to accept the calmness," Abu Zuhri explained.

Abu Zuhri was commenting on reports that Egypt has prepared a complete plan to restore quietness in the Palestinian territories and reopening crossing points into the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip, the efforts were backed by U.S. and the EU.

Israel sealed off the Gaza Strip and stepped up military attacks.


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