Hamas: Spy rings dismantled in Gaza

Agents affiliated with spy rings tried to carry out assassinations, kidnappings and recruitment.

Hamas: Spy rings dismantled in Gaza

A high ranking Palestinian security official in Gaza said that Palestinian security dismantled a number of very dangerous spy rings that were operating in the Gaza Strip.

He said that some of the agents affiliated with those rings tried to carry out assassinations, kidnappings and recruitment.

In an interview with PIC, the official said that the Israeli intelligence tried to use their agents in Gaza to form groups that work in the name of Fatah to cause further strife in the Strip, adding that the agents tried to infiltrated other organizations with the same aim.

He added that the opening of the collaborators' file with such vigor did upset the plans of the Israeli occupation intelligence and uncovered some of their plans.

The high ranking official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity for security reasons, said that most of the attempts to bring back the state of lawlessness to Gaza streets were carried out by Fatah activists who were all linked to a certain connection in Ramallah, but the attempts of that group which is connected with the occupier utterly failed.

The official expressed satisfaction at the state of internal security in the Gaza Strip of Hamas's takeover and attributed that the complementary roles played by the various security agencies and the degree of organization and discipline those agencies enjoy.

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