Hamas 'taxi' for fuel-starved Gazans

The ruling Hamas started using police cars on Sunday to ferry Palestinians around the Gaza Strip because of severe fuel shortages Israel caused.

Hamas 'taxi' for fuel-starved Gazans

Orange stickers reading, "We are ready to drive you for free," were affixed to blue units of the Hamas-run police force.

Israel has cut fuel supplies to Gaza.

Many residents, hit by lack of other transport, were just grateful for the service.

Suzan Salman, a 48, used one of the police cars to take her to a downtown hospital, where her daughter had just given birth. "It's good that we have somebody who cares about us," the grandmother said.

"We are here to serve our people," said Mohammed Hamza, a 25-year-old Hamas policeman.

Transport has come to a near halt in Gaza since Israel cut supplies of gasoline and diesel fuel.

For the past month, most Gaza residents have walked, cycled or adapted their cars to run on bottled cooking gas or vegetable oil in order to get around.


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