Haneyya to embark on an Arab tour soon

The PA premier Ismail Haneyya has urged Friday an immediate ceasefire on the Lebanese front and a swift IOF troops withdrawal from that Arab country and the entire occupied Arab lands as well.

Haneyya to embark on an Arab tour soon

IOF troops were badly beaten in southern Lebanon at the hands of Hizbullah guerrillas and received the worst defeat in the history of their illegal Hebrew state there.

In a press conference he held just after finishing his Friday prayers and Khutba (sermon) in one of Gaza mosques, the premier asserted, "Our stand is above-board as we fully back the Lebanese national consensus as well as Arab demands on the need to immediately stop the war on Lebanon and a swift pullout of the IOF troops from there".

He, meanwhile, hailed the step taken by the Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez in recalling his ambassador from Tel Aviv to protest the Israeli invasion of Gaza Strip and Lebanon, saying that such a move proves that the Israeli aggressions couldn't be accepted by "the world's freemen and the bulk of the world's leaders".

Haneyya further elaborated that he is going to embark on an Arab tour as he received an invitation from the Emir of Qatar to visit that Gulf state for discussing crucial matters of mutual concern.

Commenting on the issue of the captured IOF serviceman, the PA premier reiterated that the issue could only be solved through diplomatic and political solutions only based on humanitarian grounds that should take into consideration the agony of more than 10,000 Palestinian and Arab inmates incarcerated in Israeli jails for many years, some exceeding a quarter of a century.

Moreover, the premier affirmed that Israeli occupation of the Arab lands was the main reason for the conflict in the region; and therefore, the focus should be on the cause and root of the conflict and not on how to rebuild what the occupation had destroyed.

The IOF troops' aggression on Lebanon and Gaza Strip, Haneyya underlined, has the same goals and objectives mainly to fight Islam and Muslims and not to liberate the three captured Israeli soldiers as what Israel was trying to convince the world with.

In previous statements, Haneyya flayed the American "new" Middle East project, adding that America wants to silence any voice saying NO to its policies in the region, and to finish off all pillars of resistance in the region.

He urged the Arab and Muslim Ummah and leaders to bravely break the siege imposed on the Palestinian people with all available means, saying, "You should liberate your political will to have your own political decision. The international community has done nothing to Arab and Muslim issues, but only blamed them for the ongoing conflict".


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