Hatay inmates stage play on honor and feud killings

Fifteen prison inmates in Hatay are staging a play to demonstrate their reaction to honor and feud killings.

Hatay inmates stage play on honor and feud killings
The inmates, convicted of various crimes such as theft and murder, are preparing to stage their play titled "The Hatred of Customs," which tells the story of a southeastern family whose life is turned upside down because of a feud killing.
In a statement to a reporter from the semi-official Anatolia news agency, the head warden of the prison Muzaffer Avcý said they had 608 inmates and that social activities held in the prison helped them to view life from a broader perspective.
Avcý said their mission was to have inmates regret their crimes and then rehabilitate them as new members of society. To this end, Avcý continued, they were organizing courses on social skills.
Avcý noted that 15 inmates had applied for a theater course they started a month ago and said: "We wanted to demonstrate the wrong nature of their actions, using plays, and change their views. For that reason, we chose a play about honor killings in particular, since people of numerous families perish because of honor killings. We hoped to make them sympathize."
The play tells the story of a man who, under heavy pressure from his family, kills someone as a part of the feud between the families. Avcý stressed that the inmates had been rehearsing for a month and that their views on crime were changing.
"Our inmates will stage the play in the ward for their friends. Our goal is to give our inmates the message that honor and feud killings are terrible and meaningless. And we thought that this could be done by convicted people -- those who can appreciate what it really means to kill someone -- in the best way," Avcý noted.
Nearly all the new actors said that they had never been to a theater in their lives but were learning how to be actors and that they were trying to communicate the message to their friends. They also noted that they would continue this activity after their sentence finishes, and that the social activities in the prison were of great benefit.

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