Helicopter confirmed down in Iraq

The US military has confirmed that a transport helicopter came down near Baghdad but has declined to comment on any casualties.

Helicopter confirmed down in Iraq

Major-General William Caldwell, the US military spokesman, told reporters: "We have a CH-46 that is down," referring to the twin-rotor Sea Knight, the marine version of the Chinook.

Caldwell said on Wednesday it had come down 30km northwest of Baghdad. He did not say whether it had been brought down by mechanical failure or ground fire.

"There is a quick reaction force on site. It would be inappropriate for me to talk about casualties," Caldwell said.
Earlier, witnesses said the helicopter had been shot down in a field in the Sheik Amir area northwest of Baghdad, sending smoke rising from the scene, in a Sunni-dominated area between the Taji air base 20km north of Baghdad and Garma, 30 m to the west of the capital.


Rash of crashes 


A Chinook has two crew members and can carry up to 55 passengers. They are used widely to transport troops and cargo around Iraq.


The reports came five days after a US army helicopter crashed in a hail of gunfire north of Baghdad, police and witnesses said - the fourth helicopter lost in Iraq in a two-week span.


US command said two crew members were killed in that crash.


The US military said on Sunday it was adjusting its tactics in Iraq after four helicopters were shot down in recent weeks.


Those helicopters were shot down in four separate incidents in which 21 US servicemen and private security contractors were killed.

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