Hong Kong builds first mosque for women

2007 will witness the establishment of the first mosque for Muslim women in Hong Kong, according to Mehr News Agency.

Hong Kong builds first mosque for women

"There has been no appropriate place for Muslim women to pray and all the mosques in Hong Kong are mainly used by men", the head of Hong Kong Women Association said.

"Construction of this women-only mosque is to kick off in the beginning 2007," he added.

There are about 20 000 Muslims living in Hong Kong, according to Wikipedia, the majority are Chinese, and the rest originally come from either Pakistan, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, or Middle Eastern and African countries.

Four principal mosques are used daily for prayers- The oldest is the Shelley Street Mosque on Hong Kong Island, built in the 1840s, Kowloon Mosque and Islamic Centre in Nathan Road, opened in 1984, the Mosque and Islamic Centre at Oi Kwan Road in Wan Chai, and the Cape Collinson Muslim Cemetery also has a mosque.

Source: islamonline.com

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