Hundreds of election monitors deployed in West Bank, Gaza

Hundreds of foreign monitors and observers have been deployed throughout the West Bank and Gaza Strip to monitor the elections.

Hundreds of election monitors deployed in West Bank, Gaza

The monitors include international luminaries, such as former US President Jimmy Carter, as well as many government officials as well NGO representatives.

Many of the European monitors and some of the American monitors are already meeting with Hamas's representatives.

The US and EU had said they wouldn't initiate contacts with Hamas.

Hamas has scoffed at American threats to sever financial aid to the PA if Hamas was allowed to join the government.

Hamas candidate and spokesman for the movement's Change and Reform list said "the US has political and economic interests in this part of the world, and it is inconceivable that America would sacrifice these interests by embarking on a short-sighted step such cutting off aid to the Palestinians."

Varied estimates
Both Fatah and Hamas have given varied estimates as of the number of seats each expects to win on Wednesday.

Fatah's election Chief and PA Minister of Information Nabil Sha'ath said during a live debate on Arab satellite TV Tuesday night that Fatah would win 50 seats while Hamas would win only half that number.

For its part, Hamas's candidate and media spokesman Mahmoud Ramahi, opined during the same televised debate that Hamas would receive a minimum of fifty seats out of the 132 contested seats making up the Palestinian parliament.

Opinion polls conducted during the past few days suggest that Hamas and Fatah would be running neck and neck.

Source: Palestinian Information Center

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