Hungary's ruling party endorses Bajnai as PM candidate

Hungary's ruling Socialist party, the MSZP, endorsed at an extraordinary party congress Sunday Gordon Bajnai as its candidate to the post of Prime Minister, with a large majority.

Hungary's ruling party endorses Bajnai as PM candidate
The Socialists rule in a minority and will need the approval by their former ally, the liberal SZDSZ party, for Bajnai to take up the post. The SZDSZ will vote on his approval later Sunday.

The MSZP approved Bajnai, economics minister in the current cabinet, with "a very big, convincing majority," outgoing Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsany said.

"Hungary has no time to waste, the crisis is no longer just in overseas news reports, it's the Hungarian reality," Bajnai told the party meeting.

"I don't want to become a great orator, I want to be a successful crisis manager so I'll give you the merciless truth," Bajnai said. "If we don't act now, tomorrow will hurt even more and the day after tomorrow will be unbearable."

Bajnai said he would complete Gyurcsany's term, which ends next spring, only if the Socialists remained firmly behind his austerity measures and did not try to water them down.

Parliament will vote on Bajnai's selection in a constructive vote of no confidence on April 14, but approval is likely to be a formality as over 200 MPs have already pledged support, more than the 193 needed to secure a majority.


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