IHH Initiates Urgent Relief Campaign For Palestine

Humanitarian Relief Foundation IHH Declares Urgent Relief Campaign for Palestinian Government and Palestinians with many NGO's in Turkey

IHH Initiates Urgent Relief Campaign For Palestine

World Bulletin / News Center / Istanbul - President of IHH (Human Rights and Humanitarian Relief Foundation ) gives a detailed information about projects for Palestinians at the joint pres conference in IHH Headquarters. Bulent YILDIRIM, president of IHH said that they firstly use their own budget then will spread this campaign among Turkey public.


"The zionist and imperialist pressures on Palestinian people gets harder and unbearable. After democratic elections, HAMAS won the majority votes and established a new government which every state must respect and support. However, owing to HAMAS's politicial thought EU, USA and the other allies of  Israel Occupation State decided to put sanctions on the legal Palestinian Government. To carry out those inhuman  activities bring just a brotherhood, solidarity and coordination among ummah. We strongly believe that those actions are based on the defective minds of zionism and imperialism. How is it possible to even imagine that Israeli Occupation Forces are killing children who go out for buying bread or playing? They are still insisting on to build apartheid wall which is the best example of discrimination and neo-fascism." said YILDIRIM.


"The biggest umbrealla foundation of Turkey, TGTV (The Foundation of Volunteer Organizations of Turkey) is with the Palestinian people. There is Masjid Al Aqsa at the hearts of every muslim in Turkey, so we declare that we will never abandon our brothers in Paletsine alone as supporting them with using all necessary actions. We appreciate Turkish Government for inviting legal representative of HAMAS which is to be respected. All members of TGTV are ready to coordinate and support this relief campaign of IHH and to spread this holy mission among our citizens." said Ayhan OGAN, Secretary General of TGTV.


Other NGO's also joined to the joint press and showed their support to the relief campaign of IHH for Palestinian Government and Palestinian People against sanctions.

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