In 45 minutes 500 rockets and shells pounded the tiny Israeli pation post

Nasrallah stressed the attack on the Israeli military post was to punish the occupation for the killing of young shepherd Rahil.

In 45 minutes 500 rockets and shells pounded the tiny Israeli pation post

The Israeli army said one soldier was wounded in the attack as the UN held the Israelis responsible for the killing of Lebanese shepherd Ibrahim Rahil on Wednesday.

Despite the heightened state of alert taken by the Israeli occupation Army along the border region. The Islamic Resistance pounded the Israeli military post that killed Lebanese shepherd Ibrahim Rahil on Wednesday.
The Resistance targeted the Roueissat al-Aalam military post in occupied Shebaa farms with heavy fire.

Sayyed Nasrallah said some 500 rockets pounded the tiny Roueissat al-Aalam position in 45 minutes.

He said "Today the Islamic Resistance sent a message to Israel; it sent a message to the supporters of Israel, to those who defend Israel in the Security Council: that in Lebanon the Resistance existed; still exists and will continue to exist. The Resistance will defend the dignity, blood and land of its people. We're not afraid of anyone and the message says: our blood is expensive, it is not cheap. We will not allow the Israelis to spill any blood in Lebanon. The Resistance will remain ready to respond and to punish the killers."

The Israeli army admitted one of its soldiers was wounded in the bombardment that was followed by another Israeli aggression against Lebanese villages in southern Lebanon. Lebanese police said Israeli warplanes flew five sorties over the area, striking near the towns of Kfarshouba, Hibbariyeh and Khiam. Israeli artillery also pounded the area with more than 100 rounds in less than an hour. A young woman was reported to have been wounded in the assault, while a house was destroyed in Kfarshouba, windows blown out at a school in Hibbariyeh and houses damaged in Khiam.

Meanwhile Lebanon and U.N. peacekeepers confirmed that the Israeli occupation troops had killed the 15 year-old shepherd inside Lebanon. Annan's personal representative in Lebanon Geir Pederson had condemned the Israeli violation and the killing of the shepherd. After a meeting with Speaker Nabih Berri, Pederson said Rahil did not pose any military threat that would entail an Israeli reaction.

For his part Lebanese Foreign Minister Fawzi Salloukh met with representatives of UN Security Council member countries to inform them of the new Israeli aggression. The ambassadors did not commet after the meeting but Salloukh held a press conference in which he hoped for a firm condemnation by the UN of the Israeli acts of aggression that threaten the stability of the border region.

Source. Moqawama News

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