In Memory of Edward Said, a Discussion on Orientalism

Though almost 30 years old, Orientalism, the late Edward Said's famous thesis, has found renewed relevance in today's climate. As such, it has also found recent appeal with Turkish audiences.

In Memory of Edward Said, a Discussion on Orientalism

For a closer look, Istanbul will host an international symposium Dec. 9-10 in memory of Edward Said (1935-2003), a Palestinian-born intellectual.

Istanbul city officials are organizing the symposium to make a contribution to the world of Turkish thought.

This symposium will be the largest-ever meeting to host both foreign and Turkish academics who work on Orientalism. The program hopes participants will discuss ways to challenge Orientalist views.

Panel discussions will begin with a speech from Professor Serif Mardin on the Turkish perception of Orientalism and will then be covered in five different sessions.

Professor Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak from Columbia University will host a conference on current perceptions of Orientalism and the way they relate to discussions of the West and the East.

Some of topics include:

'In Memory of Edward Said: To Walk on the Border of Orientalism'

'Where is the Orient? Who is an Orientalist?'

'Orientalism as an Historical Experience and Adventure: Travelers, Explorers, Pilgrimages and Colonists.'

'Confrontations: Relations among Civilizations' and 'Orientalist Arts: Western Images on Imagined East.'

Intended as a visual contribution to the discussions, an exhibition will be staged to introduce orientalist arts and engravings.
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