Indonesia to ban YouTube over Dutch anti-Koran film

Indonesia has asked Internet providers to block access to the YouTube Web site for carrying an anti-Koran film made by a right-wing Dutch lawmaker, an official said on Wednesday.

Indonesia to ban YouTube over Dutch anti-Koran film

Indonesia has banned broadcasts of the film by Geert Wilders, leader of the Dutch anti-immigration Freedom Party, and Muslims protested the lawmaker outside the Dutch embassy in Jakarta this week.

The country's information minister Muhammad Nuh has written to the video-sharing Web site YouTube asking it to remove the film, said Cahyana Ahmadjayadi, the ministry's director general for information technology.

"Our efforts include asking Internet service providers to block access to YouTube. They have started doing it now," Ahmadjayadi said.

Users subscribing to an Internet service provided by the country's largest telecoms company, PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia, said they could still access YouTube.

In mainly Muslim Malaysia, a supermarket chain, Mydin Mohamed Holdings, has labelled hundreds of Dutch-origin items on its shelves with red stickers to help buyers identify and avoid them, urging customers to vote with their wallets in protest.

"We feel that as Muslims we must do something," Managing Director Ameer Ali Mydin said, adding that products ranging from electrical appliances to baby food now carry the telltale sticker in his network of 40 stores across Malaysia.

Mydin, which buys up to 60 million ringgit (9.6 million pounds) worth of products each year from companies with ties to the Netherlands, has also put up posters near store checkout points to urge customers to boycott the items.

Milk producer Dutch Lady, which says it has been operating in Malaysia for more than 50 years, took out full-page advertisements in newspapers on Wednesday to denounce the film, and condemned the comments and statements in it.

"We respect all cultures, beliefs and values and strongly condemn this expression against Islam," it added.

Wilders launched his short video "Fitna" -- an Arabic term sometimes translated as "strife" -- on the Internet last week, drawing international condemnation.


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