Inshad Gives Voice to Tolerant Islam in US

Mohamed Abu Ratib is one of many Muslim singers who use their talent to promote the tolerance message of Islam and tune down the noise of misconceptions and stereotypes.

Inshad Gives Voice to Tolerant Islam in US

"Religious songs have become the best tool to serve our faith," Abu Ratib, a renowned munshid, told

He said the 9/11 terrorist attacks have tarnished the image of Islam and fueled misconceptions about its followers.

"This makes it incumbent upon us Muslims to craft out new ideas and tools to introduce the merciful, tolerant teachings of our religion."

Abu Ratib, a member of the Michigan-based Crescent Academy International, has championed many artistic works in the US to clear the image of a much demonized Islam.

"We have staged an English-speaking musical play in Detroit about the Islamic faith and Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessing be upon him), attracting a see of curious Americans."

US Muslims, including students, have championed local campaigns to reach out to fellow Americans and convey the peaceful message of Islam.

The Muslim Students Association organized on April 10-14 an Islam Awareness Week in the city of Texas, including a film festival featuring short films dealing with stereotypes about Muslims and their faith.

Two recent polls showed that almost half of Americans have a negative perception of Islam and that one in four of those surveyed have "extreme" anti-Muslim views.


Syrian-born Abu Ratib was recently awarded the prestigious World Youth Prize for Serving the Islamic Work in the field of Inshad (religious singing).

"The prize was not only a personal honor but a recognition of the role of Inshad in serving Islam," he added.

Aside from Abu Ratib, the other decorated figures were Sheikh Abu Bakr al-Shatri (Yemen) in the field of the Noble Qur'an, Sheikh Mohamed al-Hasan Dedew al-Sheinketi (Mauritania) in lecturing, Sheikh Aid al-Garni (Saudi) in authoring and Fahd al-Seneidy (Saudi), in media.

The head of the World Islamic Art group, Abu Ratib distinguished Inshad from other types of singing.

"It strives to highlight a certain value and promote a certain message."

Abu Ratib has an MA in modern Arab thought and is pursuing a doctorate in Islamic thought.

"The World Islamic Art group has successfully organized a number of Inshad festivals."

He said the group is also preparing a number of activities about Islamic theater, plastic art and handwriting.

"There are also plans to issue a periodical about arts and take part in producing TV programs and Islamic channels."

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