International Lawyers Union's Press Conference

International Lawyers Union Held a Press Conference

International Lawyers Union's Press Conference

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Lawyers Association from Turkey and other associations from many countries united under International Lawyers Union.

Secretary General of ILU, Lawyer Necati Ceylan read the press conference statement.

"The end of the cold war failed to produce the peace dividends that the people of the world had hoped for.  The ringing words of the UN Charter to put an end to the scourge of war remains a distant dream.


In the last two decades there has been increasing conflicts, wars and violence in many parts of the world.  As a result hundreds of thousands of people mainly civilians have been killed or wounded and abused. The economies of poor developing countries have been destroyed.


There has been serious violation of human rights, especially since the 9/11 attack on New York and Washington.  Laws have been passed in violation of democratic principles.  Thousands of people have been detained on mere suspicion and without due process.  Many have been tortured to obtain false confessions.  Basic freedoms guaranteed by national constitution and international laws are denied to many.


The growth of the world economy has not led to the elimination of poverty but to growing inequality and economic hardship.  Hundreds of millions of people live below the poverty line, without access to adequate food, education, health care and other basic necessities.


Unsustainable patterns of development have brought about depletion of natural resources, the degradation of our environment and the fracturing of ecological balance.  The ecological crises is threatening the very basis of life on this lovely planet.


Conscious of the threats to our civilization, we the lawyers from many nations gathered in this beautiful city of Cesme in the Republic of Turkey, have unanimously agreed to form the International Union of Lawyers (IUL) with the object of working for justice, peace, protection of human rights and human dignity and the environment.


We believe that, for there to be peace, states and international institutions must respect and observe the rule of law.  There must be avenues for the enjoyment of fundamental freedoms.


We pledge that we will strive with all our resources to eliminate violation of human rights, injustice and arbitrary practices and work for a global society based on moral values, the rule of law and reverence for all God's creations."


Member organizations of International Lawyers Union are from Kosovo, Bosnia-Herzegova, Palestine, Iraq, Sudan, Britain, Turkey, Syria, Sri Lanka, Malesia, Indonesia and from other countries.



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