Iran condemns 'illegal' EU nuclear sanctions

Iran said on Tuesday that new sanctions imposed on it by the European Union could hurt diplomatic efforts over Tehran's nuclear program.

Iran condemns 'illegal' EU nuclear sanctions
Iran condemned on Tuesday new sanctions imposed on it by the European Union and made clear they would not slow Tehran's nuclear activities, an Iranian news agency reported.

EU states agreed the new sanctions on Monday, including an asset freeze on Iran's biggest bank, following rejecting US-West pressure to curb its nuclear program.

"Such illegal and paradoxical behavior .... is meaningless and strongly condemned," the Fars News Agency quoted Foreign Ministry spokesman Mohammad Ali Hosseini as saying.

Hosseini said it would not have any effect on Iran's determination to obtain nuclear technology and would not help create the appropriate atmosphere to resolve the issue through diplomatic channels.

He was referring to separate proposals put forward by Iran and by six world powers.

"This illegal and contradictory approach of double standards -- at a time when packages are being studied -- is meaningless and is strongly denounced," Iranian foreign ministry spokesman Mohammad Ali Hosseini said in a statement.

Such measures "will waste European opportunities and will not create a suitable atmosphere for solving the matter through diplomacy," he warned.

Hosseini warned that "this kind of behaviour will make the Iranian nation and government more determined in obtaining their rights."

Using a policy of "carrot and stick" against Iran would have no effect, he added.

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