Iran Not to Give In to Western Pressures

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said here on Sunday that Iran will not give in to Western pressures over its nuclear program.

Iran Not to Give In to Western Pressures
"Pressures and threats against Iran's nuclear program will not affect Iran in any way," the student news agency ISNA quoted the chief executive as telling an Iranian engineers association meeting Saturday evening.

"Iran and its people will not be scared and will continue on their path with determination," he said.

"The insistence by certain countries on a suspension (of uranium enrichment), even for a short period, is unlawful," the president said.

Iran has reiterated that it has a right to master the technology for peaceful ends under the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.

According to AFP, uranium enrichment lies at the heart of Western concerns over Iran's nuclear program. The process can be used to make the fuel for civil reactors.

Iran has proved that its nuclear program is solely for civilian energy purposes, but arch-foe Israel and its US ally insist that they suspect the real aim is a covert weapons program!

After four rounds of unsuccessful talks aimed at securing an enrichment suspension to appease Israel and the US, the European Union is set to return the Iranian nuclear file to the UN Security Council.

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