Iranian Army Test-fires High-speed Torpedo

The Islamic Republic of Iran conducted a second major test of a new missile within days on Sunday, firing a high-speed torpedo that no submarine or warship can escape.

Iranian Army Test-fires High-speed Torpedo

The tests came during a massive war games, titled "the noblest messenger of Allah" being co-held by Islamic Rrevolution Guard Corps along with the IRI's Army and Basij volunteer forces in the Persian Gulf and the Sea of Oman since Friday.

A unit of the new torpedo, called the hoot, or whale, was launched from a ship into the Persian Gulf waters, successfully hitting its target.

Gen. Ali Fadavi, deputy head of the IRGC' navy, announced the ships that fire the Iranian-made hoot had radar-evading technology. He said that the torpedo - moving at 360 kilometers per hour (223 miles per hour) - was too fast to elude.

"It has a very powerful warhead designed to hit big submarines. Even if enemy warship sensors identify the missile, no warship can escape from this missile because of its high speed," fadavi told IRIB.

The hoot's speed would make it about three or four times faster than a normal torpedo and as fast as the world's fastest known underwater missile, the Russian-made VA-111 Shkval, developed in 1995.

Fadavi said Sunday's torpedo test was the outcome of six years of hard work at the Iranian aerospace industries, affiliated to the Defense Ministry.

More than 17,000 marines are taking part in the weeklong maneuvers in the Persian Gulf.

Source: IRIB

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