Iran's Military Chief Suspects Bush Is A Zionist

The Supreme Commander of Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps described United States President George W. Bush as a Zionist.

Iran's Military Chief Suspects Bush Is A Zionist

"For the past four years, the United States and Britain have been busy killing Muslims in Iraq and Afghanistan", Major General Yahya Rahim Safavi said on Sunday. His remarks were reported by the state-run news agency ISNA.

"Should the U.S. President, the British Prime Minister, and the Israeli President not be prosecuted for war crimes? Are the U.S., Britain, and Israel not the biggest state-sponsors of international terrorism? Are they not the real Axis of Evil?" he said.

He called for the swift arrival of the day of the "destruction" of Israel.

"The U.S. is under the influence and penetration of Israel. It is not inconceivable that Bush is also a Zionist", Safavi said.

"We ask God for the fervour of Muslims to come to a climax and the heads of states dependent on the Zionists and the U.S. to be destroyed", he added.

Source: Iran Focus

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